Emma J. Finley

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 
― Pablo Picasso

My passion for visual art (as well as for movement art) came into my life around late 2008. The day the two joined hands for me, though, was the day I actualized my passions and felt the world shift. I've always had an appreciation for humanity at its core, studying Psychology as well as Communication and Media arts through Wake Tech and NC State University. Those studies add so well to the personal experiences I've grown through in my life, which allow me to see the world through a very unique lens, and to capture and manipulate my perspective into my art behind a camera. 

My mission as a photographer is to experience as many new adventures as possible, and to be around inspiring people throughout the world - to add vibrancy to what already resonates for each of my unique clients. This is what makes me feel alive! I want to give those amazing people a reflection of what it is I see in them, and to project that out into the world even further with their images. I want to capture the soul and complexity of the world.

And I would love to capture some of that magic with you, too, and share what drives you and makes you feel alive!